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Patient Support: My healthcare team has asked me to respond to a text/send them a photo or document
Patient Support: My healthcare team has asked me to respond to a text/send them a photo or document

How to respond to a text that your clinician has asked you to respond to - including sending them an image or document!

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If you have received a text from your clinician asking you to respond using a link, you should be able to use your phone to do this if you have internet access on your phone.

You won't be able to reply to your clinician via text, you'll need to use the link highlighted in blue in the image above to reply

My text says something else

Your text might...

  • ask you to complete a questionnaire (e.g. Asthma/COPD/COVID/Flu Vaccine survey)

  • have a document attached

  • ask you to join a video consultation,

How to respond to the text

Please note that your response may not be reviewed immediately. Any urgent matter should be addressed by contacting your healthcare team. If you are seriously unwell, call 111 or 999.

If you click on your unique link in your text, a web page in your internet browser on your phone should open. It should look like this:

You will be asked to verify your identity by entering your date of birth.
Type in your date of birth and then select "Continue".

You will need to accept the terms by selecting 'Continue' to be able to attach a photo or file.

You can respond to your clinician by typing in the text box and attaching a photo or document if your clinician has asked you to. Note: You cannot upload an attachment larger than 7MB. The file types supported are jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc, and docx.

Once you have responded, click "Send" to send your response to your clinician.

Once your response has been turned in, you will get a text to confirm this.

Not able to use your phone to access the link?

If you can't use your phone for any reason, you can also still use the link to respond on a computer, iPad or tablet. To do this, type your unique link from the text into the URL search bar of your internet browser.

Your unique link will start with https:// and should look something like this:

As shown in the images below, when typing your unique link, please ensure you're not entering this in the search engine (as shown in red crosses). Please ensure you type your link in where the green arrows indicate.

Once you've typed in the correct link and pressed "Enter" on your keyboard, you should see a screen that looks similar to the one below.

If you see the screen above, you have reached the right place and you can follow the steps above as if you were using your phone!

If you have any more questions please have a look at our article here for frequently asked questions or start a chat with us using the green box at the bottom right of your screen (it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to get a reply). πŸ‘‰

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