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Patient Support: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions by patients using Accurx to contact their healthcare team.

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I've typed in the link but now I see this message:

As your link is unique to you, this error most likely has shown because the link in the URL search bar doesn't exactly match the unique link in the text message. In this case, please double-check the link your clinician sent you in the text and that this matches exactly with the link in the typed URL at the top of the web page.

Hint: Sometimes "o" and "0" can look the same or even "i" and "1"

Who are Accurx and where has this link come from?

We're a software company providing NHS staff with tools to communicate with their patients and colleagues. We're currently used in over 90% of GP practices in the country. 😊
If you've received a text with a link in it, this was sent to you individually by a staff member at an organisation, the bottom of the text should tell you which organisation the message was sent by. Your healthcare team will have sent this to you as they require some information from you, and replying is really helpful as it might save an appointment, phone call or letter for both you and the organisation. 😊

What is happening with my data?

In legal terms, Accurx is the Data Processor, and your organisation is the Data Controller. What this means is that Accurx doesn't own any of your data and wouldn't pass it on to other companies or use it for other purposes like marketing.
​Our security page details the accreditations and NHS digital guidelines that we follow and links to our Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please contact your organisation for any medical questions. But for anything technical (ie. the link won't open), we're here to help. 😊 Please chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner. πŸ‘‰

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