This is a part of the accuMail feature, click here to find out more about accuMail.

You'll get notified on your accuRx toolbar when you receive a reply to an email you've sent. This notification will look similar to this πŸ‘‡

Only the original sender receives a notification, but anyone at the practice can review and action emails in the Practice Inbox that they can open by clicking on the email icon in their accuRx toolbar. This way, if the sender isn't in the practice others will still be able to view the inbox. 😊

To view the email, click on the notification in the email icon. This will open a window with the practice inbox, which is visible for all in your practice. Click on the email on the left hand side to open and review this.

Watch this short video on how you'll receive replies to your emails, how to manage these and save to the record πŸ‘‡

How do I see previous emails that have been sent by the practice?

Open accuMail by clicking on the email icon on your accuRx toolbar. In the email window click on "Practice inbox" that will open a drop down the following options πŸ‘‡

  1. Practice Inbox; where all replies are received and open email threads can be viewed.
  2. Sent messages; where all outgoing emails sent by the practice can be viewed.
  3. Done; where all closed email threads that have been marked as β€˜done’ can be viewed.


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