Accumail: Unassigned Messages

Primary care users can receive inbound from community and secondary care users via Accumail in Accurx Desktop.

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Unassigned messages in your inbox

The "Unassigned" view in your inbox is for any inbound messages that haven't been sent directly to a particular user. Messages in this folder will have come from other healthcare professionals using Accurx Web or via email as shown in the picture below πŸ‘‡


You will receive notifications of new messages in the "Unassigned" view if you are a member of the Accumail Unassigned group. From here messages can be replied to, assigned to colleagues, saved to the record and marked as done. Sometimes a message needs to be matched to patient. Further information about matching can be found here.

Practice admins can manage which members of your practice team are in the Accumail Unassigned group, so you can ask to be added/removed from this group.

Please note, when Accumail is enabled for the first time all approved users in your practice will be added to the Accumail Unassigned group by default. New users will also be added to this group by default.

Practice admins can manage who is in the Accumail Unassigned group by clicking on their initials on the Accurx Desktop toolbar and then by selecting "Manage Organisation". (More information in this support article).

This will launch a website for your organisation. From the Organisation section, select "Team Notifications." as shown below πŸ‘‡

From here users can be ticked or unticked from the Accumail Unassigned group.

❗ If your practice has less than three users ticked in the Accumail Unassigned group everyone in the practice will receive notifications for the "Unassigned" view. This is to ensure that nothing is being missed in the "Unassigned" folder. ❗

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. πŸ‘‰

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