accuMail is a feature of accuRx which can be accessed through our toolbar. accuMail provides a way of contacting other healthcare professionals and services while integrating directly with the patient record (EMIS/S1) so that all communication about a patient is saved in their patient record.

What does it do?

  • accuMail lets you send emails about a patient to other healthcare professionals and services.

  • All emails are saved back to the patient record (EMIS/S1).

  • All responses come back to a shared practice inbox and can also be saved to the patient record.

  • Attachments are added directly from the patient record e.g. referral forms.

  • Emails are sent securely via

What can you use it for?

You can use accuMail for any form of communication with a healthcare professional or service.

To get you started though, practices currently using accuMail find it most useful for:

  • Sending referrals into community services e.g. district nursing

  • Chasing existing referrals

  • Contacting local pharmacies

  • Contacting local care homes

  • Ad-hoc messages to consultants and secretaries

Where can I find it?

In your accuRx toolbar, by clicking on the @ icon 👇

I can't see this icon

You can request access to accuMail by starting a live chat with us. Click on the green icon on the bottom right of this web page and a member of the team will help you get started 😀

Yes, I have this

Great! You can start using this to email colleagues. Find out more on 👉 How to send email with accuMail.

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