This article talks about a feature of Accurx Desktop, our toolbar for EMIS/SystmOne.

Pathways allow you to schedule one or a series of messages for a patient.

To send a pathway open a patient in EMIS/SystmOne and click the Accurx Desktop SMS icon like you would for a normal text message.

Sending one scheduled message

Next to the 'Send now' button, you should see an arrow. If you click on this, you will be given the option to schedule your message!

You can choose your own date and time at any time in the future πŸ‘‡

Scheduling multiple messages (Pathways)

You can either write a custom pathway or you can select a template from the templates dropdown shown below πŸ‘‡

πŸŽ‰ Top Tip 🌟 - You can type into the search bar here to quickly find the pathway you are after ⏩

To create your own pathway, select the '+' button at the bottom of the compose screen πŸ‘‡

Once created, you can edit the text messages and/or the date & time the message is scheduled to arrive.

More Information:

  • For messages scheduled in the future, we run a check to make sure the patient is still registered at the practice and their details have not changed. If a patient has died or moved we will automatically cancel any future messages to that patient.

  • If a message is scheduled to a patient in the future and they change their mobile number before the message is sent, the message will be delivered to their new mobile number.

  • If you wish to you can cancel scheduled messages by going to your toolbar menu, clicking 'Manage Organisation', and then 'Delayed Messages'. Just click cancel next to the message you wish to cancel.

  • Currently, you can't make your own custom pathway templates.

  • You can now also schedule Floreys to be sent in the future! This article has more information about this.

A video demo here of how to send a Pathway:

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