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Florey: How to schedule a Florey to a Patient
Florey: How to schedule a Florey to a Patient

Learn how to schedule a Florey questionnaire, and what you need to be aware of!

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Florey Scheduling allows you to set up a Florey to be sent to your patients at a date in the future πŸ“†

To schedule a Florey, open up a patient in EMIS/SystmOne and click the Accurx Desktop SMS icon like you would for a normal text message!

To schedule a Florey:

  1. Select the Florey you'd like to send from the template browser πŸ”

  2. Click on the arrow next to 'Send now'

  3. Select when you'd like the message to be sent πŸ‘‡

How to cancel a scheduled Florey:

  1. Click on your initials and select 'Manage Organisation'

  2. Scroll down to 'Delayed Messages'

  3. Click cancel πŸ‘‡

Please note:

  • The same Florey can be scheduled multiple times for a single patient

  • Florey questionnaires are valid for 7 days after sending*. We will not block you from sending multiple Floreys during overlapping periods but will show you this notification πŸ‘‡

  • If a patient doesn't complete their questionnaire, they will receive a reminder on day 3 and day 6 of each enrolment* - these reminders are not saved to the record

  • If a patient is sent multiple enrolments during an overlapping time period, even if they complete one enrolment they will still receive reminders for the other enrolments

*except the 4-day BP questionnaire and the COVID-19 Monitoring questionnaire. which are only valid for 4 days or 1 day after sending

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