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Patient Support: I have received an SMS from Accurx asking if I still need my hospital appointment
Patient Support: I have received an SMS from Accurx asking if I still need my hospital appointment

Why have I received an SMS from Accurx asking if I still need my hospital appointment?

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To shorten waiting times and create more appointment slots for patients, your hospital is working with Accurx, a communication software provider, to contact patients on their waiting lists with a text message asking if they still need their appointment. If a patient responds to say they no longer want or need their appointment, then their slot will be freed up for someone else who needs it.

Why have I been sent this message?

Many patients have been waiting a long time for their appointments. Using SMS text messages to ask patients whether they still need their appointment has helped hospitals quickly shorten waiting times for those who do need care. To ensure your hospital’s records are up to date, you may receive this message every 12 weeks.

What if I don’t respond?

If your hospital doesn’t receive a response from you, you will remain on the waiting list. You will not be removed from the waiting list unless you ask to be removed.

How do I respond to the message?

You will be directed to click on a link in the SMS where you can complete a simple questionnaire. Respond with “Yes” if you want to remain on the waiting list, or “No” if you no longer require your appointment. Depending on the service you require, you may be offered additional options.

Not able to use your phone to access the link?

If you can't use your phone for any reason, you can still use the link to respond on a computer, iPad or tablet. To do this, type your unique link from the text into the URL search bar of your internet browser.

As shown in the images below, when typing your unique link, please ensure you're not entering this in the search engine (as shown in red crosses). Please ensure you type your link in where the green arrows indicate. 👇

Why do I need to confirm my date of birth?

This is to confirm your identity and make sure the response we receive is sent by you.

Who are Accurx and where has this link come from?

We're a software company providing NHS staff with tools to communicate with their patients and colleagues. We're currently used in over 90% of GP practices in the country. 😊

What is happening with my data?

We take Data Privacy and Security very seriously here at Accurx, we will never use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. You can learn more about how we keep your data safe here.

In legal terms, Accurx is the Data Processor, and your GP practice is the Data Controller. What this means is that Accurx doesn't own any of your data and wouldn't pass it on to other companies or use it for other purposes like marketing.

Our security page details the accreditations and NHS digital guidelines that we follow and links to our Data Processing Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Please contact your GP practice for any medical-related questions. But for anything technical (ie. the link won't open) we're here to help. 😊 Please chat with us in the bottom right-hand corner. 👉

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