How to set up a Direct Debit

Find out how to save time and spread out your payments with Direct Debit payments for your Accurx products

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What is a Direct Debit?

A Direct Debit is an automated payment from your bank to another organisation. Direct Debits are flexible and can save you time, while also helping you to spread your costs. At Accurx, we use GoCardless 💳 to automate the payment of invoices for practices.

If you set up a Direct Debit, we will still send you an invoice at the start of each month, but you won’t need to set up a manual payment each time. Instead, with Direct Debit, your payment will be taken automatically on the due date 🗓

How do I sign up?

You can sign up via the button below👇 Please make sure you select “Click here to use a company name” when signing up and add in your practice name and ODS code. It is really important you do this so that we can match your Direct Debit payments to your account.

Select "Click here to use a company name" and then add in your practice name and ODS code, for example, Accurx (A123456).

If your bank requires multiple people to authorise a Direct Debit, please select the button below. This will generate a form so that you can get it signed by all the relevant people.

We will contact you to confirm that your Direct Debit is set up prior to collecting any payments.

Once your Direct Debit is set up, we will begin to charge all of your Accurx product invoices via this route.

Are you set up for Direct Debit with your bank?

Depending on the terms you have with your bank, you may need to submit a mandate to set up Direct Debit payments. You can find templates for Direct Debit mandates online. Once you have filled one in, please send this to your bank. The Direct Debit should then be active within a couple of working days.

How do I know when a payment has been collected?

You will receive an email from GoCardless with confirmation of the payment amount being collected. If you do not recognise the payment being collected, please reach out to and we can confirm what invoice the payment relates to.

How do I cancel my Direct Debit?

If you would like to cancel your Direct Debit at any point, you can do this directly through your bank or by emailing us at

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