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Accurx Desktop: Message tab - what’s new and what’s changed? ⭐
Accurx Desktop: Message tab - what’s new and what’s changed? ⭐

A quick round up of the new features in our newly designed Message tab on Accurx Desktop, and improvements we've made to existing features!

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3 new features to the Message tab

1. Template browser

The familiar template search option now includes message templates, Florey Questionnaires and Pathways, and the handy filters can help you find exactly what you need.

You’ve also got a brand new way to explore and preview templates before selecting them - the Template Browser.

Click the Browse button and you’ll see a list of all templates on the left and a preview of each template on the right.

For Florey Questionnaires, you’ve also got a new quick link straight to the support article to preview what patients will be asked!

And if you love using templates and want to make your own, you can also navigate straight to the ‘Create a new template’ page from the Template Browser. You can follow the full guide on how to create templates here, starting from step 3! 👉 How to create your own SMS templates

2. Message scheduling

We’ve redesigned the scheduling options to make it much clearer exactly when a message will be sent. You can choose to schedule a message for tomorrow (or the next working day) in one quick click or choose a specific date and time.

If you’re working out of hours, your message will be automatically delayed until the next working day. We’ve made it much more obvious this is happening so that you can choose to send it instantly if you need to.

Don’t forget, if you schedule a message to send later and want to cancel it, you can do this from the ‘Manage Organisation > Scheduled Messages’ page - more details here: Can I cancel a delayed text message after I've scheduled it?

3. (don’t) Save to record option

Many of you have told us in the past about how some of the messages that you send in Accurx don’t need to be saved to the patient record, and can make the patient record really difficult to read.

Well, we’ve got a brand new option that lets you choose whether or not you want to save your message to the patient’s record!

It’s turned on by default - so if you don’t want a message to be saved to the record, just untick the box.

All the old features you know and love


You can now switch between sending an SMS or an email by using the drop-down options. If a patient doesn’t have a mobile number or email address saved in EMIS/SystmOne, you can also type in their contact details ad-hoc!

NHS advice

NHS advice is now grouped with other types of attachments - you can find it in the attach menu at the bottom of the window.

Add a message

You can still write multiple messages to a patient - just click the ➕ button at the bottom of the window to add another message.

Why not try adding a second message to include extra attachments if you can’t add them to the first message? Or add another message and schedule it to send later, if you wanted to check in on a patient in the future! 💡

💡 Why have we changed the Message tab?

Quicker and easier to use

Accurx has changed a lot since we first built it. Over time, we’ve added a lot of features - sometimes without thinking about the best place to put them or how they should work. This has made some features difficult to use or take too long to get things done. We think the redesigned Message tab is much easier to use and should let you get everything done in Accurx even faster than before ⚡

Highlight features that will save you time

Many of you have given us fantastic feedback that has helped us to build time-saving features in Accurx. People that use these features love them - but we sometimes see that not many people have found out about them yet!

We’ve tried to make these more obvious in the new version of Accurx so that more of you have an opportunity to find everything that we’ve added and see for yourselves how it works to save you time. ✨

Opportunities for new features

We’ve still got lots of ideas for new features that will make Accurx even better, and we’ve made sure that in the redesign we’ve got space to add them in the future. Keep an eye on our public roadmap to find out more about new features! 👀

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