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Accumail: Adding a contact to the compose message directory
Accumail: Adding a contact to the compose message directory
This article describes how to create a new contact in your practice's Accumail directory!
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Adding a new contact:

Email addresses will still add to your directory as you send to them; you can also now add a brand new contact to Accumail without first having to send an Accumail to it!

Click the '+ Add a contact' button to get started! πŸ‘‡

You will then be prompted to enter the email address you would like to add to your directory. Note - only accredited emails that can be sent an Accumail can be added as a contact into your directory. βœ”

You will then be able to customise the 'details card' of the new contact!

You can enter:

  • a 'Display name' that you would like to see when searching for the contact,

  • some 'Notes' to describe the contact that your practice will see πŸ“ƒ

You can then select a 'Service' and 'Organisation' to best describe your contact's role and location - the directory list is also sorted by 'Service' so this can be used to help you categorise your directory and make it easier to search through!

On the screen above, you may see that there is already some information pre-populated about this contact ☝️ This means that we already have some existing information about this contact in our records; in this case, you can keep the information if it seems correct, or if there are inaccuracies please do update them!

Adding a list of contacts to your Accumail directory πŸ“”

If you have a list of multiple commonly used email addresses for your practice and would like this uploaded to your contacts list:

You can also include the 'Service' and 'Organisation' you would like in separate columns for each contact as well! βœ…

"I can't find the organisation or service I am looking for!" πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

If you are a practice with a currently blank directory, you may not see the 'Organisation' you are looking for in the list; a full list including all available organisations and services in the country is currently being worked on and will be released sometime soon! πŸŽ‰

If you are at a practice that is part of a curated directory and feel that an organisation is missing then please reach out to us at πŸ™

Editing one of your new contacts:

Email addresses will continue to be added to your practice's Accumail directory as usual after you send them one Accumail; you therefore may have some contacts in your directory under the 'Other' service that have only an email address attributed to if you have sent them an Accumail. πŸ“©

To find out how to edit these contacts to add a Display Name, Service and Organisation to them click here πŸ‘ˆ

We hope you find the new Accumail directory useful and easy to use!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch using our live chat in the bottom right or send us an email to 😊

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