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This feature works similarly to our "Temporary Disable" feature. To enable this:

  • Go into Patient Triage and click on "Settings" 👇

  • Then scroll down to "Temporary Disable" and click the toggle to enable this. Here you will see where it says "Disable Medical Request Access Only" 👇

    Then following this:

  • Set a re-enable date & time (no longer than 4 days from when you switch it on)

  • Provide a reason for disabling

  • Click Update disable options

What your patients will see:

  • Patients will be informed that Patient Triage is temporarily unavailable, and shown when the link will be re-enabled. However, it will still let them submit an admin request.

  • Patients will be prompted to use NHS 111 online or to find a local pharmacy or urgent treatment centre

    Version 1: Temporary disable with Disable Medical Request Access Only enabled 👇 (Allowing admin requests)

    Version 2: Temporary Disable switched on 👇

    Version 3: No temporary disable has been switched on 👇

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