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Patient Triage
Patient Triage: Workflows and Template Examples
Patient Triage: Workflows and Template Examples
Here are some example workflows that we've seen be successful in GP practices. These examples go through both Medical and Admin requests.
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Medical Requests πŸ‘‡

In the workflows, it says "Send Templates" here is an article that goes through how to create templates for your practice!

Admin Requests πŸ‘‡

Template Examples πŸ‘‡

Here are some examples that you can use as templates for your practice:

The article on how to create templates can be found here!

Also, find our Patient Triage Resource Centre which includes:

  • What is Accurx Patient Triage?

  • Getting set up with Patient Triage

  • Tips and tricks

  • Extra resources

  • Patients

If you need any more help please contact support in our Help Centre or email

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