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Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders: How it works for SystmOne organisations with multiple sites
Appointment Reminders: How it works for SystmOne organisations with multiple sites
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Why am I seeing this warning message?

If you see this warning message when trying to set up appointment reminders then it may be because you used Shared Admin in SystmOne.

Shared Admin allows separate SystmOne organisations to see each other's appointment books. If you don't use Shared Admin in SystmOne then you don't need to keep reading.

We've come across 2 different reasons why practices might be using Shared Admin:

  1. Organisations with multiple sites that are under separate contracts

    Practices with multiple sites where 1 (or more) site is a separate SystmOne organisation (and has a separate ODS code). This is normally because the sites are under separate contracts.

  2. PCNs with separate practices working together

    Separate practices in a PCN might use Shared Admin so they can see each other's appointments for operating extended access services.

In both of these scenarios, the Accurx appointment reminder system reads the same appointments more than once (once per SystmOne organisation). Therefore, there is a possibility appointment reminders could be set up more than once for the same practice's appointments.

There is a way to prevent this from happening. What you need to do will depend on whether your practice fits under 1 or 2 above.

What do I need to do?

Practices with multiple sites that are under separate contracts

Accurx will recognise separate SystmOne organisation as separate practices. You will see separate practices when logging in here under the Manage Organisation page so you'll have more than one place in Accurx where appointment reminders can be set up. As shown in the screenshot below 👇

Appointment reminders may have already been set up for my practice...

  • ⚠️ If you believe appointment reminders might have already been set up for your practice but you can't see them, double check the Manage Organisation page of any other SystmOne Organisations associated with your practice just in case appointment reminders have been set up somewhere else. If you don't see reminders under any of your SystmOne Organisations, see below...

Appointment reminders have not been set up already for my practice...

There's a couple of ways you can set up reminders for your multiple sites if you haven't set up reminders yet:

  • OPTION A) You can set up all of your appointment reminders for all practice sites under one of your SystmOne organisations

  • OPTION B) You can split the appointment reminders so that only the appointments under a particular SystmOne organisation get reminders sent through that same organisation in the Manage Organisation page.

    When setting up appointment reminders, you are asked to choose your site locations:

  1. For option A above, you can choose all site locations. (⚠️Just make sure you do not try and set up appointment reminders again under the other SystmOne organisation in the Manage Organisation page.)

  2. For option B above, you should make sure you only choose the site locations which relate to the particular SystmOne organisation you are setting up the reminders for. (⚠️Just make sure each SystmOne organisation uses different site locations when setting up reminders.)

Why split appointment reminders across SystmOne organisations?

You may wish to split your appointment reminders across your SystmOne organisations so the message signature (left below) and sender ID (right below) on the text reflect which SystmOne organisation the appointment sits under.

If you're happy for all of your appointment reminders to go out under 1 of your message signatures/sender IDs then you can just set up all reminders under 1 SystmOne organisation.

Message signature/sender ID works the same for appointment reminders as with individual text sent through the toolbar. (The message signature is taken directly from the SystmOne organisation name. Each separate SystmOne organisation can set their own sender ID under their own Manage Organisation page.)

PCNs with separate practices working together

If your appointment book contains appointments for other practices that are separate to yours, you will need to ensure you do not set up appointment reminders for these practices.

When setting up appointment reminders, you will be asked to choose your site locations.

⚠️ Make sure any site location you choose belongs to your own practice. If you see a site location of a completely separate practice in your PCN, don't select this.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 👉

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