Patient Triage: Photo Uploads

How photos are submitted and received in Patient Triage

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When submitting a medical request using Patient Triage, patients can choose to attach photos. This can help speed up the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of a patient's medical problem. The photo will come into the practice's Accurx inbox, attached to the patient's Patient Triage request.

What advice do patients get?

Submitting a photo is entirely optional for the patient, which means that implied consent is given when they choose to do so. Patients are given some tips on how to take the best possible photo: making sure it's well lit, and suggesting they use an object to show the scale. It is important that patients understand the implications of sending in a photo, as per GMC guidance. As such, they cannot attach a photo without ticking a box to confirm that they understand and agree to the following:

  • The photo does not contain images of children's breast, anus, or genital areas

  • Male or female practice staff may see the photo

  • The photo will be saved to their medical record

How does a practice process the photo?

Patient photos come attached to their Patient Triage medical request, into your Accurx inbox. You can click on the link to view the photo in your browser just like photo responses!

To save both the text and photo response to the record, make sure that you tick the box next to "Include attachments" and click "Save to record". To only save the text click "Save to Record", untick the "Include attachments" option below.

Despite advising patients not to submit sensitive images, there is still the possibility that they may do so. We advise that practices have their own processes in place to deal with intimate images, in particular those of children.

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