Accurx plus is a premium tier of Accurx Desktop, which contains some new and exciting products, as well as some pre-existing functionality that became chargeable on the 1st April 2021.

What is Accurx Lite?

There will always be a free version of Accurx - called Accurx Lite. You can see exactly what functionality is included in Accurx Lite in the feature table below.

What is Accurx Plus?

In January 2021, we launched Accurx Plus, which is a set of new premium features.

Accurx Plus will include the following modules:

Some features stopped being free from 1st April 2021:

  • Request a text/photo response - Restricted to 20 per practice per week unless purchased

  • Attach a document - Restricted to 20 per practice per week unless purchased

  • Video - Covered under a central contract in England until the end of December 2021. Restricted unless purchased for non-English GP practices

Other products available for purchase as part of Accurx Plus:

(*Not available in Jersey)

Feature table: Accurx Plus vs Accurx Lite

For more information on who can buy Accurx Plus, please see our Accurx Plus FAQS😄

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