Video: How do I email a video consultation link using Accurx Desktop?

You can now email your patients their video consultation link. This might be useful for sending a link to a tablet or computer!

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You can now choose to send video consultation links either via SMS or email in Accurx Desktop.

To choose how the video consultation message will be sent, simply select the email/mobile dropdown I've circled in the screenshot below 👇

Then your patient should receive an email like this - where they can click on the link:

Currently, we do not pull the email address of the patient or consent codes for emailing from the medical record. It is up to you to decide with the individual you are having the video consultation with if you would like to email them and what email address to send to.

It is also important to note that emailing does not allow for verified delivery status. The only thing we can report on is "Sent" - so after you send a message you may see "Sent" but the email has not been received. This may be due to sensitive email filters which mean the message ends up in a "Spam" folder, so it's important to consider checking these.

Accurx emails can be replied to, but patients are discouraged to do so. If a reply comes back, it will be sent to Accurx and our in-house clinical team will monitor this.

SNOMED code saved on sending: Signposting to general practitioner video consultation” = 1111291000000104

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