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Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to monitor all organisation responses in the Inbox
Accurx Desktop Inbox: How to monitor all organisation responses in the Inbox

Where to see all patient responses so you know that nothing is being missed

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Monitoring all organisation responses using the "All" folder

You can now get an overview of all messages that are currently open in your organisation by going to the "All Conversations" folder. This is a global inbox that can be used for monitoring messages that come in even if the sender is away that day.

The "All Conversations" folder lets you see conversations that are assigned to different individuals/teams (i.e. these messages "exist" in two places at once - the team folder or the individual user's inbox that they are assigned to, and the "All" folder).

Note on folder sorting: All open folders are sorted chronologically by most recent action. That's why when you go to the "All" folder, the most recently received message may not be on the top of the list, as someone in your organisation may have actioned another message (e.g. assigned it to a colleague, etc.) more recently.

To navigate to the "All Conversations" folder, open the inbox from the inbox icon on the toolbar, and then click on "All Conversations" from the left-hand pane.

You can monitor your colleague's inbox by clicking on "Colleagues" and selecting the colleague's name from the list:

This section of the inbox shows a combination of one-off patient responses to regular texts (including photos), Florey questionnaire responses, and failed delivery receipts.

Only want to see one of these types? Sure! Here's how πŸ‘‡:

Viewing all organisation responses of one specific type

1. One-off patient responses to regular text messages (including photos)

Click on the downwards facing arrowhead on the right-hand side of the "All Conversations" folder (image above) and then click on "Patient responses" underneath (image below).

Here, you can see a filtered view of the "All conversations" folder which only shows responses to all texts sent out by the organisationwith the box "Allow response" ticked.

2. Questionnaire responses

Questionnaire responses are grouped in the Inbox under Questionnaires by type of questionnaire. For example, responses to asthma questionnaires are grouped under "Asthma ", responses to BMI Questionnaires are grouped under "BMI" etc...

Questionnaire folders for which you have notifications turned on will be at the top in white. Any folder which has unread responses will have a red circle next to it, displaying the number of unread messages.

If you do not have notifications turned on for a questionnaire folder, the folder will sit under Notifications off and be grey. This means you can view the folder but will not be notified of any incoming responses to this folder. You can change this using the notification toggle. There's more on how this works here...


3. Failed delivery receipts

You can see all the messages that have failed to be delivered to patients using another filtered view of the "All Conversations folder.

​Need more help understanding how inbox works? Check out our video guides! πŸ“Ί

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