With Accurx Desktop, you can now conduct video consultations with patients using either your mobile phone or your desktop computer. 😊

If you don't use EMIS or SystmOne and instead use our standalone webpage, Accurx Web (web.accurx.com), see here for the relevant instructions for inviting users to Accurx Web video calls. Otherwise, read further for instructions for the Accurx Desktop toolbar.

Invite others to calls

Sometimes you might like to invite additional people to the video call (other patients, additional clinicians, healthcare staff, interpreters etc...)

You can have up to 200 people in one video call (24 active videos) 😁

Whilst there is no direct way of setting up a group call with Accurx, once you have generated a link to a video consult for one patient, the link can be copied and pasted to share with others.

This article shows to invite one patient to a video consult. After clicking "Send and Save" in Step 4 of that article, you'll see the video link appear in the patient's message history in Accurx like this. πŸ‘‡

Inviting others via text
If appropriate, you can invite other patients from your patient list to the video call via SMS by:

1. Copying the content of the text message to the patient as outlined in red above

2. Selecting the appropriate patient in EMIS/S1

3. Clicking the message icon in the middle of the little green Accurx toolbar

4, Pasting the text into the box underneath "Message Text" and clicking "Send and Save"

Inviting others via email
In some cases, you might want to invite others to the call via email. This might be more appropriate when inviting colleagues or other healthcare professionals.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Click the "Copy Link" button outlined in blue in the first image

  2. Open your NHS email account (or your practice's NHS email account) and paste the link into an email to the person that you'd like to invite to the call. 😊

Once the other person enters the shared link in a web browser on their laptop or phone, they will join your call. 😁

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