Only certain browsers are supported by our video consultation product. Notably, Internet Explorer is not supported.

I'm on mobile

On iOS, you need to be on iOS13. If you're on 12 or 11, you'll be prompted to download the whereby app, because the Safari version isn't compatible. iOS <10 isn't supported at all, sadly. You will not be able to access Video Consultations from Google Chrome on iOS.

On Android, if you see this error, please make sure the link is being opened in the Google Chrome app. Chrome is installed by default on most Android devices, so we recommend setting it at as your default browser by following these instructions.

I'm on desktop

We recommend downloading Google Chrome. This will allow the video stream to work and is generally recommended as a more secure and up to date browser.

You can then either:


  • Copy the link for the video call into the top of Chrome in the web address bar

I'm already using one of the browsers that says it's supported

  • Some users have found that setting it as their default browser fixes this issue, to open Chrome straight

  • We've also seen some users see this error if their network is blocking the connection. Try switching over to a different network, e.g. your mobile data. If you find it works, your IT team might need to allow list on their firewall.

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