Accurx Desktop: Can I use Accurx to work remotely from home or on a laptop?

How to install Accurx desktop on a laptop or on your remote software

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As long as the Accurx Desktop app is on the same machine as EMIS/SystmOne, then you should be able to use Accurx Desktop without a problem. πŸ˜€

I want to install it on my laptop alongside EMIS/SystmOne

Sure! You can just follow the regular steps to install: go to, click 'sign up' in the top right corner, and follow through the steps!

I'm using a VPN or other remoting software with EMIS/SystmOne on it

Try installing Accurx Desktop wherever you've got EMIS installed. Click the button above to install Accurx Desktop πŸ‘†.

(a note on VPNs: for the best video consultation experience, we don't recommend using a VPN to join the video call)

I just want to video/SMS without connecting to a medical record

If you are unable to access EMIS/SystmOne from home and are needing to work remotely, you can log in to Accurx Web with your Accurx Desktop account and use this instead πŸ™‚. You can learn more about Accurx Web here!

What can I do once I'm set up?

We've built a lot of tools to help GP practices work remotely, particularly in the COVID-19 crisis:

Accurx Desktop only

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