Accurx Desktop: What do Sent, Delivered, and Failed mean in delivery receipts?

What do these different status messages mean in the delivery receipt of a text message

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You can find the delivery receipts for your messages:

  • For GP practices using Accurx Desktop: Manage Organisation > Delivery Receipts

  • For other organisations using Accurx Web, just click Delivery Receipts in the top right

Here you'll see the message status as either Queued, Sent, Delivered, or Failed - but what does this actually mean?

Queued: πŸ•” the text has been delayed, either until the next working day or scheduled for another day as part of a Pathway. Alternatively, we occasionally see this when our server is getting through a backlog of lots of messages and usually resolves itself within 10-15 minutes.

Sent: βŒ› the text has been sent from our side and from the network provider, but hasn't actually arrived on the recipient's phone. It's essentially 'Pending'. This is most likely because the phone is turned off, or doesn't have signal.
If a message stays in the 'Sent' status for 72 hours, it will be moved to 'Failed' and the text will not be delivered.

Delivered: βœ… the text has been sent and delivered on the recipient's phone. We can't tell if they've opened or read the text, but we know it's arrived at their phone and can be opened by them.

Failed: ❌ the text delivery has failed, and the recipient won't get the message. This might mean the number is invalid or out of use, or it might mean the phone was inactive (e.g. no signal, or turned off) for 72 hours. More detail on this here.

These are network-standard statuses that are returned by SMS providers. If you've got any questions, please do chat to us via the live chat in the bottom right 😊

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