Installing Microsoft .NET

Installing .NET when setting up Accurx Desktop

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Accurx Desktop needs Microsoft .NET 4.6.1 or later to run.

Sometimes organisations PCs may need their .NET software updated. Accurx Desktop

will usually ask you to do this as part of the install process. After it has finished installing .NET you may need to prompt the Accurx install to start again by double clicking on the Accurx icon on your desktop.

.NET failing to install
Sometimes the .NET install can fail because it's struggling to download or because you don't have the correct admin privileges on your windows account for your PC.

Try installing .NET from here to determine if it is a download issue:
If this fails please ask your Organisation's Admin/Senior Manager or System Administrator to login to their windows account to try run it with higher windows admin privileges.

If neither of the above can resolve it please get in touch with your local IT provider to support the update of this software.

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