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AccuBook Spring Boosters 2024
AccuBook Spring Boosters 2024

Everything you need to know about using Accubook for your Covid Booster campaign.

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Guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations has changed for the current campaign and we've made some changes in AccuBook to reflect this. Please read on to see how AccuBook has changed and how to use it to invite patients and create clinics for COVID-19 vaccines in this campaign.

Inviting patients

Please use the appropriate tab to invite all patients for their COVID-19 booster or primary course.

NHS Guidance states that “from autumn 2023, primary course COVID-19 vaccination for persons who have not had any COVID-19 vaccines before should consist of a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine. Eligibility for primary course vaccination will be the same as for the autumn 2023 booster”.

We have made changes to AccuBook to reflect this guidance and all patients should now be invited for their Primary course or boosters through the Spring Booster 2024 tab.

In previous booster campaigns, we prevented patients from being invited for boosters if they did not have a completed Primary course. This will not be the case for the Spring Booster 2024 tab.

When you upload a list of patients to invite for their vaccine, we check for the date of their last COVID-19 vaccination. If that was within the last 13 weeks, you will still be able to invite them for their vaccination, but we will not show them any availability until 13 weeks from the date of their last COVID-19 vaccination. If patients need to be booked in earlier you can manually book them an appointment through the Manage Patients page.

If we have been unable to retrieve previous vaccination data for patients we will show an error message and they will not be uploaded. We recommend you try again at a later time to upload these patients.

Creating clinics

Creating clinics in AccuBook hasn't changed since the previous Booster Campaigns. You can read a step by step guide on how to create clinics in the article below 👇

When creating a clinic for Spring Boosters 2024, we recommend using "Booster" under the Dose column. We have also added "Booster" as an option for Paeds 5-11 clinics and this should be used for future clinics.

If you have any questions, please chat to our support team by clicking the green button in the bottom right corner, we'll be happy to help!

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