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How to procure Accurx products for your Practice, PCN or Federation
How to procure Accurx products for your Practice, PCN or Federation

This article explains how to procure Accurx Plus products for your organisation.

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You can procure Accurx products for your practice, PCN or Federation if they aren’t available via your ICS/ICB. This includes upgrading your current products to get even more access to our most loved features like two-way messaging, batch messaging and custom floreys.

How do I purchase Accurx products? Follow these five simple steps to set your practice up with the best Accurx has to offer:

  1. Decide which products you would most benefit from:

    • Video Consultation - Send a unique link to a patient via SMS or email from desktop or mobile to hold individual or group video calls.

    • Patient Triage - Manage inbound patient requests from your website, phone or the NHS app with the ability to save and code patient responses to the record with one-click. Includes out-of-hours, scheduling and suspend functionality.

    • SMS Plus - Send an unlimited number of SMS messages with attachments, e.g. sick notes, useful resources and receive an unlimited number of responses from patients including photos.

    • Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders- Contact entire cohorts of patients at once and send appointment reminders. Includes message staggering and scheduling.

    • Florey Plus- Achieve QOF targets and improve LTC management by gathering patient data with Accurx’s >33 templated questionnaires or create your own custom questionnaires.

  2. You can review our pricing and see personalised information about the costs associated with procuring this functionality for your organisation by using this form. Your order will be actioned by our Partnerships team if you are ready to go ahead. 👍

  3. Reach out to for a demo, further information about the benefits of Accurx, or pricing if anything is unclear.

  4. Sign the contract, set up your Direct Debit and the features will be turned on for the agreed date ✅

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