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Patient Triage: Who gets notified about new requests?
Patient Triage: Who gets notified about new requests?

Understanding how notifications work for Patient Triage and how these can be changed

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Patient triage is our online consultation feature, where patients can submit requests to the practice. All Patient Triage requests that are submitted come into the "To Assign" folder within the Accurx Inbox.

Who is notified when a patient request appears in the To Assign folder?

By default, notifications are automatically switched on for various non-clinical roles: Admin, Reception, Secretaries.

How can I switch on/off notifications for Patient Triage requests?

Any user at the practice can choose to turn their notifications on or off for the "To Assign" folder by changing the notifications toggle as shown below. If the toggle has the white box around it, that is the option selected.

How can I make sure the right people at my practice are being notified about Patient Triage requests?

There is a feature that allows Accurx admin users to change other users' notification settings. If you have an admin account:

  • Visit the Accurx Manage Organisation page (by logging in here or clicking on your initials on your Accurx toolbar and then "Manage Organisation")

  • Once the Manage Organisation web page loads, click on "Team Notifications" πŸ‘‡

  • You will then see a grid appear like this:​

  • Use the grey bar along the bottom of the grid to scroll to the right.

  • Look for the "To Assign" folder along the top of the grid.

  • Once you find the "To Assign" folder, make sure any users who need to be notified about these types of messages are ticked - this will switch the notification setting to 'On' in their inbox.

  • Any users who do not need to receive a notification every time a new request comes in should be left unticked.

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