Practice closure/merge: What do we need to do?

Find out what you will need to action if the practice is due to close or merge.

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Practices are data controllers and Accurx processes the data. In order for us to perform this role effectively and safely, we need to be informed of closures and merges.

Some of our products also schedule the collection of patient information in the future, such as a scheduled Florey. With this in mind, we want to ensure that patients aren’t submitting information to a closed practice.

The process will depend on which products the practice has access to (if you're not sure what these are, please do get in touch with our Support Team who can help you out).

If your practice is merging with another, we will treat the old ODS code that you are merging from as a closed practice.

How do I let you know?

If your Practice is closing/merging, please inform us as soon as possible by opening a live chat, or sending an email to

Once we receive this, we will follow the below procedure 👇

  1. We will document your closure date and let the relevant teams know.

  2. On the day of the Practice's closure, our team will action anything that needs wrapping up. Please see the 'What will the Accurx team do?' points below!

  3. We will then send you confirmation on everything that we have actioned, and any outstanding processes.

What do I need to do?

There are a couple of other things you will need to keep in mind or action in the run-up to closing. These are...

  1. Scheduled Floreys and SMS messages (including Batch Messages) will need to be cancelled from the closing date.

    ☝️ Please cancel these manually in Practice. See how you can do this here.

  2. Please refrain from sending out general patient responses (photos, single response or Florey questionnaires) in the 7 days leading up to closure/merge.

  3. Any outstanding information in the inbox that needs to be incorporated into the medical record will need to be saved.

    ☝️ Please mark all open tickets as done, and save everything to the record that needs saving.

  4. If applicable, your Patient Triage link will need to be removed from any active website.

  5. If applicable, please delete any Accurx Appointment Reminders. More info on how to do this here.

What will the Accurx team do?

  1. We will disable the Practice's link for Patient Triage and deactivate the Practice's NHS app <> Patient Triage integration.

  2. We will cancel all Appointment and Post-appointment reminder messages (including Friends and Family tests).

  3. We will cancel any active Self-Book links from the point of closure onwards.

  4. We will remove the practice's accuMail inbox and set up an auto-reply to say that the practice has closed and that they should re-send their message to the correct GP practice for the patient.

  5. We will switch off Record View for your practice.

  6. We will unlink your practice from any accuBook networks and put your patients in a cancelled state/mass cancel your patients.

❗ We can transfer data over from one ODS code to another, but can’t merge data from two ODS codes together.

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