Once your patient receives a text message from you, they can use the link to make contact with your service. Currently, the link does not expire. When they click on the link, they’ll be taken to the following web page (that is accessible via any web browser). Please take a look at this article here 👈 for more information about how to send a PIFU / Patient-Initiated Contact link to a patient.

They’ll need to confirm it’s not an emergency and then fill in details about their request.

Your patient can submit a request themselves, or someone else can do so for them.

Your patient will be asked to insert a number of demographic details. This is to help us match them to a real patient from the NHS spine. In order for a patient request to arrive in your inbox already matched, the patient will need to provide a mobile number and verify their identity by entering a security code they receive.

Your patient will be able to review their request before submitting it, and select their preferred method of contact from your service.

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