• What are Appointment Reminders?

Appointment reminders are text messages which are automatically sent to patients to remind them about their upcoming appointment 📅.

The text message will include the date and time of the patient's appointment and, if your organisation has more than one site, the location of the appointment.

  • When are text messages sent?

1 reminder message is sent, 1 working day before the patient's appointment. There is also an optional 1 week prior to appointment reminder that can be set up ✅. We currently do not send out automatic texts to patients to confirm their appointment booking ❎.

  • How do I set up new Appointment Reminders?

Add a slot type into your clinical system, and our system will pick them up in about an hour if a patient is booked into the slot in the next 7 days. This article here goes into more detail 😃.

  • What happens if a new member of staff joins the organisation, do I need to do anything to make sure their patients receive reminders?

Nope! Our system doesn't distinguish between clinicians and only looks at slot types 🔍.

  • My practice has just procured Appointment Reminders, do I need to do anything with my current system?

You will need to turn off any current system reminders so patients do not get multiple reminders.

  • How do Appointment Reminders save in the medical record?

Appointment reminders are not currently saved to the record ❎.

  • My organisation has multiple sites, will appointment reminders include which site the patient's appointment is at?

Yes! If we detect more than one site in your appointment book then we will automatically include the location of the appointment in the reminder.

  • Can I use Appointment Reminders to send Friends and Family tests?

Our new ⭐Post-Appointment Message ⭐ feature allows you to set up text messages which are automatically sent to patients 24 hours after their appointment. This is included in our Appointment Reminders product. Within this message, you can include whatever text you like, including a link to your Friends and Family test! We've made two articles to make it super easy to create your own FFT on Microsoft Forms or Google Forms but you are welcome to use whichever survey-building provider your organisation prefers.

  1. How to create your own Friends and Family Test on Microsoft Forms.

  2. How to create your own Friends and Family Test on Google Forms.

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