Accurx’s Patient Initiated Contact solution can be used for any situation in which you’d like to enable your patient to get in touch with you and your team over a period that is longer than 1 week (up to 1 week is the response time that the ‘reply’ function of Patient Messaging allows).

We've seen three key reasons for this:

1️⃣ It has been agreed that a patient should be placed on a PIFU pathway, where they can follow up with your service when needed, instead of pre-booking follow-up appointments that may not be needed at the time. Examples of why the patient may need to make contact are if they have a flare-up in symptoms, want to discuss their medications or to find out about test results.

2️⃣ A patient is on a set follow-up pathway and has one or more follow-up appointments booked with the service. You can send them this link to use to get in touch with your service in between appointments in case needed.

3️⃣ Your patient is on a remote monitoring pathway. You do virtual review of their scans, but want to enable them to get in touch with your service in case they have any medical flare-ups or admin requests.

The key benefit of using Accurx Patient Initiated Contact is that it enables a ‘triage first’ model whereby you and your team can respond to the patient via text messaging at a time that is suitable for them, and either book them into a follow-up appointment or resolve their request via messaging.

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