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Patient Triage: What is the NHS App integration?
Patient Triage: What is the NHS App integration?

Learn more about our integration with the NHS App!

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What is the NHS app? When will I have access?

The NHS App provides a simple and secure way for patients to access a range of NHS services on their smartphones or tablets (for example, book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions, and check symptoms). The NHS App is available to people aged 13 or over who are registered with a connected GP surgery.

Patient Triage integration with the NHS App is now live (as of June 2022).

What is an NHS login? When will I have access?

NHS login allows patients to access a range of health and care websites and apps with one set of login details.

If you click on your practice-specific Patient Triage link, you may have noticed a small blue button that says “Continue with NHS login” as shown below.

NHS login is available for all practices in England. There is no change for you at a practice level in dealing with these incoming requests, but the form is a little quicker and easier for patients as their personal details are pre-populated after completing the NHS login.

How is NHS login and NHS App better for our practice?

Requests submitted via the NHS App will arrive in your Accurx toolbar for you to take action, in the same way they appear now. Requests submitted from patients via NHS login or NHS App will arrive “matched” into your ‘to assign’ folder, using the patient's NHS number to help verify this.

How is NHS login and NHS App better for our patients?

We have committed to integrating Patient Triage with the NHS App so that your patients can use this as an access point to your practice and can submit Patient Triage requests into your practice via the NHS App. The NHS App can act as a trusted, and single point of access for patients who may otherwise struggle to find or use Online Services.

Having NHS login and NHS App integration with Patient Triage means that patients can access online services using a single set of login details. The form will be a little easier for patients to complete, as their personal details will be pre-populated from their NHS login account, saving time for the patient using your service.

Note: NHS login and NHS App are only available for practices in England. See NHS Digital resources on communicating the NHS App to patients here.

What do we do if a Patient contacts us with feedback about the NHS login or NHS App?

If a patient is experiencing technical issues when using the NHS App or would like to provide feedback to the team, they can be directed to this page for help and support:

Please note: Patient Triage will only be available to patients who have confirmed their identity through photo ID on the NHS App.

What about proxy access?

Proxy access will still be available when using the NHS App and NHS login. When information is pre-filled from NHS login onto the Patient Triage form, this is filled into the “Your details” section, leaving the patient details blank to complete.

What will this mean for any of our settings in Patient Triage?

All settings that you have within Patient Triage will remain the same when NHS login or NHS App is used as the route of contact. This means, for example, if you have set Out of Hours settings, patients will only be able to contact you at your specified times via the NHS App.

How many additional requests might I expect?

On average, practices that are already live with this integration have seen an increase of 1-2 requests per day. Note: This can very much vary depending on App uptake in your area.

But don’t worry - if at any point, the number of requests becomes overwhelming, you can amend your Patient Triage settings to ‘Temporarily disable’ the service or set your ‘Out of Hours’ to control incoming demand, in the same way you can now.

What if I do not want this just yet?

Please contact our support team if you’d like any additional support with incoming requests via the NHS App. If you don’t want to receive requests via the App, you can opt-out by chatting with the Support Team via live chat 💬 or email at

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. 👉

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