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Accurx Web: How to search for a patient
Accurx Web: How to search for a patient

Learn how to contact a patient using Patient search.

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Accurx Web allows you to easily contact your patients using text messages or video calls from either your mobile or desktop. To contact patients, you can either use Patient lists (by uploading a list of patients) or individually search for a patient using Patient search.

Patient search

Accurx web is integrated with PDS (Personal Demographics Service), which means you can search and contact your patients using their NHS number and date of birth.

To search for a patient (once you’ve signed in to Accurx web):

  • Step 1: Start entering your patient’s NHS number and date of birth under the ‘Search for a single patient’ section.

Note: You can also safely try using this functionality by searching for a test patient (i.e. selecting the 'Use with a test patient' toggle).

  • Step 2: Once you start typing, a new box will pop-up, which will give you the options to either enter their details or select them from a list of recently searched patients (Recent searches), if you have recently searched for them.

    Note: To use ‘Recent searches’, you will need to be two-factor authenticated, which is as an additional level of verification so that patient identifiable information is kept secure.

  • Step 3: Select your patient by clicking on their name under the Recent searches section to quickly search for them without having to enter their details.

Please click on the button below to click through a Demo on how to search for a patient, view conversations and send them a message. ⬇️

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