What is Record View?

  • Allows a healthcare professional to request and instantly view a read-only summary of a patient’s GP record for 24 hours through accuRx Web

  • Available to all NHS professionals, and is free

  • Patients provide explicit permission for their records to be viewed

  • Meets IG standards of national bodies

How do I use Record View?

  1. Go to web.accurx.com

  2. Log in / register with your nhs.net or nhs.uk email address and password (NB: Record View requires 2 Factor Authentication - please do not skip this step; see this link for how to set this up if not done already)

  3. Enter the NHS number and date of birth of the patient

  4. Click on the ‘Record View’ button

    If you can’t see this as an option, it is because this patient’s GP has not enabled sharing of their records. We are working hard to ensure this is the exception, not the norm

  5. Click on the ‘Send SMS’ button

  6. Ask the patient for the unique 6-digit code, and input this in the space provided

  7. Access the different sections by clicking on the tabs in the menu

  8. See records that you have previously requested, and view any requested within the last 24 hours via the ‘Medical Records’ tab at the top of the page

Where can I get support?

  • Reach out to our support team via the chat button in accuRx Web

  • Post on our Facebook Web community group: Link here

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