Record View allows a healthcare professional to request and view a summary of the patient's GP record for up to 24 hours in accuRx Web, with the patient's explicit permission.

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How do I request and view a patient's record?

I have used accuRx Web before:

If you are familiar with accuRx Web, to request and view a patient's medical record you need to:

  1. Log in to accuRx Web

  2. Search for a patient using their NHS No and D.O.B

  3. Request Record View

  4. Type in the patient's 2FA code when they share this with you

I am new to accuRx Web:

If you are new to accuRx Web, to request and view a patient's medical record:

  1. Create an account in accuRx Web using your NHS email address

    (N.B. if you have an address, you can use NHS Mail Single Sign-On)

  2. Log in to the accuRx Web platform with an approved accuRx account

  3. Search for a patient by NHS number and date-of-birth via the accuRx integration with the Personal Demographic Service

  4. Receive a return of the patient’s name, gender, and the last three digits of their mobile number if the PDS search is an exact match

  5. Verify that the patient details returned are correct

  6. Request permission to view the record from the patient via SMS

  7. Patient receives an SMS including a unique 6-digit code and a link to an accuRx-supported webpage explaining what data will be shared

  8. Receive confirmation of the code from the patient, input the code and select "Confirm" to view the patient's record. If the code is not input within a minimum time period, it expires and a new request must be initiated

  9. View the patient's record for 24 hours from when the code is confirmed

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