The links below are webinars to help you out with features like Patient Triage, Batch Messaging & Appointment Reminders, or Florey Plus & SMS Plus.

To get up to speed quickly, sign up to any of our webinars here 👇

  • Florey Plus and SMS Plus (30-minute webinar). Sign up here.
    Every other Tuesday starting 31st August inclusive.

  • Patient Triage (30-minute webinar) Sign up here.
    Every other Wednesday starting 1st September inclusive.

  • Batch Messaging and Appointment Reminders (15-minute webinar). Sign up here.
    Every other Thursday starting 2nd September inclusive.

If you want to attend the webinars - but something is stopping you, we'd love to hear why and what we can do to make attending easier. Let us know here.

You can also always get in touch with us at if you'd like to discuss these webinars further.

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