accuBook: How do we keep vaccination history up to date?

Understand the recent changes we have made to accuBook to make sure the NIMS is kept up to date in accuBook

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Many of you have requested the option to bulk refresh FHIR (vaccination history) data for patients within accuBook. Unfortunately, we are unable to support this as it will be disruptive to a third-party API. Our team have been working hard on alternative measures to make sure the FHIR data is up-to-date in accuBook.

Due to the rate limits for how frequently we can check FHIR, we automatically refresh FHIR data overnight at key points in patient lifecycle rather than on-demand.

  1. When uploading a patient to make sure we have the correct state for the initial invite, and ahead of inviting for the second dose

  2. The day before an appointment

  3. 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, and 4 weeks (new) after an appointment to capture changes once they've synced back from Pinnacle (PharmOutcomes) and to try and catch patients who have had their dose elsewhere ahead of them being invited for a second.

  4. We also will automatically refresh FHIR data for all patients with active invites in our system where they've not yet had both doses and the data is older than 12 weeks (new)

  5. Manual request (when you click on 'Refresh Vaccination data')

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