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accuRx Appointment Reminders allows you to set up automated messages to be sent to patients to remind them about their upcoming appointments. You can get an overview of how the product works here first if you'd like!

Accessing Appointment Reminders

From your accuRx toolbar, click on your initials, select "Manage Practice" and scroll down to "Appointment Reminders."

Setting up a new Reminder

📹 If you'd prefer to watch a video 👉 click here

Once you've come into the "Appointment Reminders" section, click "Set up a new reminder" (the big blue button!)

You'll then see a screen that allows you to choose which slot types you'd like to send automatic appointment reminders for and add in your own messaging to the reminder if you'd like.

👉 If you see an option to add "Site locations", take a look at this guide here

1) Choose which slots your reminder should apply to

Click "Select your slot types" and you will see a dropdown of slot types. These are pulled directly from your practice's appointment book. You can select as many slots as you'd like! 😁

⚠️ Note: make sure any slot types selected are for appointments that can always have a reminder message no matter where the slot is in the appointment book.

For SystmOne practices with Shared Admin - if you can access the appointment books of other separate practices and you don't want to set up appointment reminders for those practices, you will need to ensure that you do not use the same slot types as those other practices.⚠️

2) If appropriate, edit part of the text message that is sent to the patients

Part of the text is uneditable (the part in light grey) since this will automatically populate the date and time of the unique appointment for a patient.

You also won't be able to edit the instructions for how the patient can cancel. A unique link which a patient can use to cancel their appointment will be autogenerated here.

Where it says "Enter an additional optional message", you can add text if you'd like. For example, you could add in information about your practice arrival policy.

💡 Tip: You can set up separate reminders for different slot types and add in custom messages here. For example, if you have a specific slot type for baby immunisations, you can set up a specific appointment reminder for this slot type and add in a message to remind them to bring their red book. You can set up as many specific reminder messages as you'd like! 💡

Remember that every patient who has an appointment of the selected slot type(s) will be sent the same message so do keep the content relatively generic.

Once you're ready to do, click "Set live" and your reminder will start to send to patients who are booked into the slot types selected! 🎉

Your reminder will run in the background and keep sending to all patients booked into the specific slot types until you delete the reminder.

Editing or Deleting the Reminder

If you'd like to stop a reminder from sending or edit the reminder, find the Reminder from your "Appointment reminder" dashboard, and click "Edit"

If you would like to delete the reminder, you can click "Delete".

FAQs ❓

My practice has multiple sites, will appointment reminders include which site the patient's appointment is at?

Yes! If we detect mpore than one site in your appointment book then we will automatically include the location of the appointment in the reminder.

When do appointment reminders send?

24 working hours before the patient's appointment (e.g. if the patient's appointment is on Tuesday at 10:30am, they will receive their appointment reminder on Monday at 10:30am.)

How many text messages are sent?

1 reminder message is sent, 1 working day before the patient's appointment. We currently do not send out automatic texts to patients to confirm their appointment booking.

How do I add in another slot?

Add them into your clinical system, and our system will pick them up in about an hour if a patient is booked into the slot in the next 7 days.

What happens if a new clinician joins the practice, do I need to do anything to make sure their patients receive reminders?

Nope! Our system doesn't distinguish between clinicians and only looks at slot types.

Do I need to do anything with my current system?

You will need to turn off your current system so patients do not get multiple reminders.

How does it get saved in the record?

Appointment reminders are not currently saved to the record.

Can I test the system myself first?

Yes! You can do so by creating a test slot in your appointment book and booking in a test patient that has your own mobile number registered. If you'd like to test the appointment reminder system in this way, do the following things:

  1. Create a test patient with a NHS number and mobile number (ideally your mobile number). If you don't have a test patient with an NHS number, you can use this tool to generate one and add it to your test patient.

  2. Create a test slot type that doesn't have other real patients booked into it

  3. Add the test slot into your appointment book for tomorrow and book the test patient into it

  4. Set up your test appointment reminder following the steps above.

You should receive your test appointment reminder text message around 24 hours before the test patients appointment. It may take a bit of time for the system to pick up the appointment. Please allow at least 1/1.5 hours after setting up the appointment reminder to receive the test text if the appointment is sooner than 24 hours away.

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