accubook: How to add booking notes to a patient

How to add notes to a patient that you are in the process of booking in.

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We have added a feature where you can add booking notes to a patient in accuBook. You can see how it works in this video.

Reasons you may want to add notes:

  • If you have tried to call a patient and not received a response

  • If a patient is housebound

  • If a patient is in a care home

  • Any accessibility the patient will have to be mindful of on the day of vaccination e.g. patient is in a wheelchair.

These booking notes can be 5-200 characters long, and will be ordered with the most recent note first.

The booking notes are visible exclusively in the 'Invite Patients and Manage Bookings' screen at present.

How to add notes to a patient

1) From the Manage Organisation page, go to 'Invite Patients and Manage Bookings'

2) From this page, you will be able to see a list of all patients that have been invited.

3) Click on the 'Details' toggle below the patient's name that you would like to add the notes to.

4) At the bottom, you will see 'Booking notes'. Add the text you would like to write as the note in the text box, and then click 'Save note'.

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