In the short term, we will only be rolling out accuBook save to record for EMIS & SystmOne. We will look to extend this in the future.

We save codes to the EMIS record to note when a patient has been sent or declined the vaccine invitation. This only works for patients who are invited via SMS, not for those who are booked manually.

Here's a bit more detail about what will save and when:

What saves to record?

We will save save two events to the patient records as a comment:


COVID-19 vaccination SMS invite sent




COVID-19 vaccination SMS invite declined



When will these be triggered?

When you upload a csv of patients and create their invites, we will send 'COVID-19 vaccination SMS invite sent' to the record, along with the SNOMED code above.

When a patient (or you on behalf of a patient) confirms that they are declining the vaccination, then the 'COVID-19 vaccination SMS invite declined' event will be saved, along with the SNOMED code above.

Please note - if you 'reset' a patient who has declined, then you will need to amend this manually in the patient record'.

We also save the reason that the patient selected for declining, along with any free text they entered.

We will only be able to save the above to record if you are inviting patients who exist in your clinical system. If you are uploading a csv on behalf of another practice, then these will not be saved back to the record.

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