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How to invite patients to book their COVID-19 vaccinations

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Once you have set up your clinics, you will be able to invite patients to book themselves in.

1) From the Manage Organisation page, select Invite patients and manage bookings page.

You will then see the following screen, which also includes the list of patients you have already invited.

Here you will see the option to either invite a list of patients or invite an individual. See our page on 'Invite an individual patient' for more information on this

2) Click Invite list of patients

After this, you will see a screen asking you to upload a CSV file from the clinical system your practice uses.

Your CSV upload needs to contain the following columns:

Title, Given Name, Family Name, Date of Birth, NHS Number, Contact number


Given Name

Family Name

Date of Birth

NHS Number

Contact Number





962 040 1913


Should you need any help in creating the CSV, you can click the 'How to create a CSV file in EMIS of patients to invite for vaccinations' or 'How do I do this in SystmOne' for step by step instructions.

โ— Please note: you will be able to invite 500% of the capacity of the clinics set up by the coordinating delivery site. Your CSV list cannot be larger than this. Some patients will not book or will decline to book, and therefore we allow more invites to be sent than there are available slots. However, too many invites sent for too few slots will lead to patients still receiving an SMS invite, but will be unable to book if others book it out before them. To avoid this, we recommend asking your designated coordinating practice to divide slots up fairly between the participating practices, and inform you of how many patients can be invited by each practice. Please start slow - you can always add more capacity later.

3) Once you've prepared your CSV, click Upload CSV file.

4) After the CSV file has been uploaded, you will be shown how many patients have been uploaded

5) Click 'Continue' to proceed to write the SMS invite. You can edit this SMS message. Each patient will be sent a unique link. Click send to send the SMS.

6) You can review all patients invited on the Sent invites page, as well as those you need to manually book. All patients from uploaded CSVs are listed here, and you can unselect My Practice to see all patients invited in your practice grouping.

Booked: Patients that have either booked in via the text you sent them or have been manually booked.

Awaiting response: Patients who have been sent an invite to book in via SMS but have not yet booked. Note that these patients may need manually booking - they may not have smartphones, internet access, or be able to book themselves.

To manually book: Patients who do not have a valid UK mobile number uploaded on the CSV. See our page on 'How to manage invites and appointments' for more information on this.

Cancelled: Patients whose invites have been cancelled.

Declined: Patients who have dissented to having the vaccine.

Already uploaded: Patients who were sent an invite in a previous CSV upload. See our page on 'what does 'Already uploaded' mean and what should I do?' for more information on this.

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