You can now invite a single patient within accuBook, by searching for them on PDS (also known as 'The Spine').

1. Head to the new 'All patients invited' view

Clicking on the link circled below will take you to the new patients view.

2. Select 'Invite an individual'

3. Enter either the patient's NHS number and Date of Birth, or demographic data click 'Find and add'

4. If a patient doesn't have a mobile number, then you'll see the option to 'Book now'.

This is the same as uploading a patient in a csv without a mobile number, and you will need to manually book them in using their link.

5. If the patient does have a mobile number, you'll see the last 3 digits of the number stored on PDS.

You can choose whether to send them a mobile invite (by selecting the tickbox as shown) or whether to book them manually.

❗️For now, you are not able to amend the invite text or the mobile number when you invite someone in this way. ❗️

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