AccuBook: Invite an individual patient

Find out how to search for and invite a single patient without a CSV upload

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You can now invite a single patient within accuBook. You'll just need to enter some details, and accuBook will search for them on PDS (the Personal Demographic service, also known as 'The Spine').

1. Click on the 'Invite patients and manage patients'

2. Click 'Invite an individual'

3. Find a patient by entering either the patient's NHS number and Date of Birth, or their demographic data, and click 'Find and add'

4. a) If a patient doesn't have a mobile number, then you'll see the option to 'Book now'.

No text will be sent to this patient, but you can book them manually afterwards.

This is the same as uploading a patient in a csv without a mobile number, and you will need to manually book them in using their link.

4. b) If the patient does have a mobile number, you'll see the last 3 digits of the number stored on PDS.

By default, the patient will be sent a text with their invitation (the mobile invite).

You can choose to disable this mobile invite by selecting the tickbox as shown. If you disable it, you can still book them manually, and they won't receive the link.

❗️For now, you are not able to amend the invite text or the mobile number when you invite someone in this way. ❗️

5. Once you have selected 'Book now', you'll be able to see the patient like any other, with their status and link to book in for them.

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