Log in (from Accurx Desktop)

Log in to Accurx Desktop as usual.

Click on your initials in the toolbar → Manage Organisation

You will see a section headed ‘COVID-19 vaccine' - select 'Vaccine sessions'

Log in (from web browser)

Navigate to chain.accurx.com in your web browser (Google Chrome is preferrable).

Login using your Accurx / accuBook login information.

You will see a section headed ‘COVID-19 vaccine' - select 'Vaccine sessions'

(Please note, only the designated coordinating practice is able to see this section. If you aren't at this practice but want a clinic set up, contact your coordinating practice).

Deleting a draft clinic

You can delete any clinic that hasn't been published by selecting the bin icon at the right end of the row:

This row will then be removed.

If a clinic has already been published, you will need to:

1) Unpublish the clinic (see below)

2) Cancel all of the patients that have been booked into the clinic (see this article for more info)

3) Delete the clinic (as per the steps above)

Unpublishing a live clinic

❗ Unpublishing a clinic won't cancel any patients booked in, but it will mean patients can no longer see the clinic or book into it.

To unpublish a clinic once you have set it live, you can do so by pressing the 'toggle' in the set live column so it turns grey again.

When you click the toggle, you will see the following screen:

Once you are happy with this, click 'Unpublish' and you will now have unpublished this clinic.

If there are no patients booked in, then you can now go ahead and delete this clinic by clicking on the bin icon, as detailed above.

Cancelling booked in users

If, however, patients are booked in, then you will need to find the clinic in the 'Vaccine delivery booked list' and cancel all of the patients booked in before you can remove the clinic completely.

To see a step by step guide for doing this, please click here.

Once all patients have been cancelled and the clinic has been unpublished, you will see a bin sign appear next to the clinic.

Deleting the clinic

Once you have unpublished the clinic and cancelled all of the patients booked into it, you can then delete the clinic by pressing the bin button as described below.

Press the bin button and the clinic will be deleted.

If there are patients still booked into this clinic, you will see the following error message:

Cancel the patients still booked into this clinic and you will then be able to delete it

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