To find out how to unpublish a live clinic, please read through this article first.

Once the clinic you need to cancel is unpublished, you need to cancel any booked in patients.

Here's a (quite manual!) step by step guide of how to do this, we'll be looking to improve this process in the future.

1. Head to the 'Booked list' in the 'Manage Practice' page.

Here you will see all of the different sessions you've set up in one list, set in chronological order. You will also be able to see here how much capacity you have for that day, how many patients you've booked, and how many available slots there are.

2. Open on the clinic that you would like to cancel patients from by clicking 'Open delivery day'.

3. This will show you a list of all of your patients that you have booked in for this day.

Take note of the 'Clinic ID', which is the number at the end of the URL for the web page:

4. In another tab, open the 'Invite Patients and Manage Bookings' page, which you can access via the Manage Practice page.

5. Head to the new 'All patients invited' page by clicking this link at the top of the page .

6. Search for the patients booked into the clinic you want to cancel, by typing 'clinicID:' immediately followed by that number you noted earlier. So for this example, I would search for 'clinicID:104'.

7. Untick the 'Filter by my practice' tickbox so you see all patients across your grouping who have booked in.

8. You can now work through this list and click 'Cancel booking' for each patient.

9. The following message will pop up advising you that this will cancel both of the patient's appointments and will ask if you want to continue. If you don't unselect the tickbox shown below, then the patient will be able to rebook into any other available clinic from their cancellation text. If you unselect, they will receive a different text saying they will receive a new invite soon.

10. Once you cancel this patient, they will disappear from the list. Continue to work through until all this list is 0. You will then have cancelled all patients in this clinic.

We are working on making this an easier process, stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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