1. First, you need to unpublish the live clinic, as explained in this article

  2. Find all the patients invited to the clinic you want to cancel. In order to do this, head to the "Booked list" in the "Manage Organisation' page.

3. Select "Manage bookings" under your intended clinic you are wanting to cancel, which takes you to a list of all patients attending that clinic.

4. To bulk cancel patients from the clinic

a) You can select all patients, or select multiple patients individually

5. Click "Cancel appointments" (circled in red):

❗Patients with a mobile number will be notified of their cancellation by text.

Patients without a mobile will need to be manually notified. ❗

6. Those who will be notified by text will have the option to rebook via a link. You can edit the text, as below.

7. Once cancelled, these patients will go back into their relevant state:

  • 'To manually book' for those without mobile numbers,

  • 'Awaiting response' for those who have been invited via text.

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