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How can I make a feature request?
How can I make a feature request?

How to submit your ideas for future developments.

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At Accurx, we’re very grateful to have an active community of users who care about our product and trust we’ll listen to their feedback and suggestions. Our aim is to provide a product that’s useful to those who are actually using the software.

A quick note about how we approach product development - we use the agile method, meaning we release what is sometimes referred to as a minimal viable product (MVP) and then build additional features based on feedback we receive from our users.

If you’ve ever made a feature request in our community or our support centre, you’ve probably got a response from the Accurx team saying we’d feed your request back to our product teams. It’s not just a line we say! All feedback and feature requests are tallied by the user ops team who then discuss this feedback with the product teams. Every week, we do a company-wide show and tell where every team shares the progress they’ve made that week. The support team shares the most common support cases and feature requests, which the product teams then consider when planning their future road maps.

Where can I find out what’s coming up?

We aim to be as transparent as possible about what our priorities are for our product. To improve transparency, we’ve made our road-map public, so you can check out what we’re working on, what we’re researching, and other ideas we might explore. On this road-map, you’ll have the opportunity to vote on what you think we should build next. We’ll consider your votes when we prioritise our work!

How do I request a feature?

Don’t see the feature you want on the road-map? No problem, just chat with the support team who will be keen to find out more and can pass it along to the product teams. If we decide to start researching how we could support this feature, you’ll see it in the ‘researching’ list!

If you have any questions or want to make a feature request chat with the team here! 👉

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