Accumail: How to send emails with Accumail
How to send an email using Accumail
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  1. When you open up Accumail, you will be prompted to select "Compose new message".

2. You'll then be asked to enter the email you wish to contact.

Accumail uses NHSmail inboxes and enables you to securely email all domains that meet the NHS Secure Email Standard (DCB 1596). A full list of domains that are accredited to the NHS Secure Email Standard is available here, and includes:


  • (*not all addresses meet this standard)






In addition, you can use Accumail to contact any * address and certain services from the NHS care providers list that do not meet the NHS Secure Email Standard. Any emails sent to these types of email addresses via Accumail can't be guaranteed as secure, as detailed in this help article. Before sending to one of these addresses, Accumail will present you with a warning that, ‘This is not an NHS Secure Email Standard accredited address’.

You can also select a contact from the drop-down which will bring up the directory arranged according to Service. Learn about the directory in this article 👉 Viewing and searching contacts in the directory

4. The message will be prepopulated with the patient's details and information on the attached documents. You can also add or edit the message as you desire.

5. Optional steps:

a) Select a template e.g. Chasing a referral

b) Attach a document (from desktop or directly from EMIS/S1)

6. Click "Send and save to record" you can also untick "Save to record" if you don't want to save the message to the patient record.

What does this look like when the recipient has received an Accumail?

The email will appear in their inbox either as a plain text email, or as an html email as shown below. By default messages include the name of the individual and the GP practice that sent the message. Recipients of plain text and html emails can reply from their email client. Recipients of html emails can also reply via Accurx Web by clicking on the blue "Reply" link. All responses will be delivered to your Accumail inbox.

*Please note that only the sender who has sent out the original Accumail will receive a notification when the recipient has responded.

Hint: You can test it out by sending an email to yourself with a test patient selected

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