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Accumail: How does the Accumail Desktop directory work?
Accumail: How does the Accumail Desktop directory work?

Info on how to save addresses, view favourites and uploading a directory.

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How can I search for an email address?

You can search for an email by simply entering the name/type of organisation/person you wish to contact.

The contacts in the directory are taken from a national database. The order of the contacts will be displayed by distance from your practice, the closest coming up first and the furthest coming up lower down in the list.

Also, after you’ve sent an email to a specific address, Accumail will remember your previously entered email addresses and add it to your Directory and will add that contact to your recently contacted list for the next time you select a contact.

You can also add the following information to contacts for later reference:

  • Organisation

  • Service

  • Notes

As mentioned before, you can view your previously entered email addresses by clicking on the drop-down arrow showing the "Recently contacted".

Can I upload a directory to Accumail?

If you have a list of commonly used email addresses for your practice and would like this uploaded to your contacts list:

Send us an Excel spreadsheet with two columns: Email address and Name of service/contact e.g., North London Community Referrals.

Email this to

If you have access to the new Accumail directory, you can also include the 'Service' and 'Organisation' for each contact as well!

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