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Florey: Can I remotely monitor a patient's COVID-19 symptoms?
Florey: Can I remotely monitor a patient's COVID-19 symptoms?

How to use the COVID-19 remote monitoring Florey Survey

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What information can I gather from a patient?

You can now monitor a patient with suspected/confirmed COVID-19 with our remote monitoring Florey. You'll be able to send this to patients via text message and schedule these to be automatically delivered over multiple days.

Patients will be asked about specific symptoms (e.g. breathlessness) and to provide temperature, blood pressure readings, and/or sats readings if they have access to the right equipment. You can see the full list of questions here.

How can I send a patient this questionnaire?

Simply open the patient in your Accurx Desktop toolbar, open the SMS box, select 'Florey Questionnaires' and select 'COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Questionnaire' as shown in the figma below πŸ‘‡

animation view of finding the Covid 19 monitoring florey within the Accurx compose screen.

πŸ’‘ Top tip... You can now find Floreys by simply typing what you're after in the Search box!

If you can't see this feature, please follow these instructions.

What will the patient see after I send it?

The patient will receive a text message with the link to the questionnaire, by clicking on this link they'll be able to start, answer, and submit the questionnaire.

What happens after a patient completes this?

Once the patient submits the questionnaire, you'll receive these replies on your Accurx Desktop toolbar.

If you're part of the "COVID-19 team" at your organisation you'll be notified of anything that comes into this inbox. To get notifications for this inbox, toggle the notifications to 'On' in the top right of the inbox and you'll be notified next time. 😊

You can save the responses to the patient's record by clicking on "Save to Record."

​How long does the patient have to complete this?

The patient will have 24 hours to complete the questionnaire from the time the SMS is sent.

What SNOMED codes are saved to the record?

This questionnaire allows you to save these vital signs SNOMED codes πŸ‘‡

  • Blood pressure recorded by patient at home (Concept ID: 413153004)

  • Systolic arterial pressure (Concept ID: 72313002)

  • Diastolic arterial pressure (Concept ID: 271650006)

  • Tympanic temperature (Concept ID: 415974002)

  • Baseline SPO2 (oxygen saturation at periphery (Concept ID: 927981000000106)

  • Pulse rate (Concept ID: 78564009)

Will the patient be reminded to complete the survey before it times out?

Patients will receive 2 texts if they have not completed the survey. They will receive one reminder after 2 hours and one after 6 hours.

What happens if the patient doesn't respond?

If the patient doesn't respond to this questionnaire in 24 hours, the "COVID-19 Team" will receive a notification and the "Accurx Bot" will display the message "@COVID-19 Monitoring Team patient NAME has not completed their COVID-19 Remote Monitoring Questionnaire."

Can I monitor the patient over many days with this questionnaire?

You'll be able to schedule the monitoring questionnaire to be sent to the patient over multiple days. To do this, click on "Add repeat date" at the bottom of the text.

You can change and choose the dates by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the date. This will open a calendar picker, where you select the date you'd want to change it to. This includes changing the initial date so the questionnaire is not sent "Now" as shown belowπŸ‘‡

pencil icon circled in compose message screen

You'll be able to schedule for multiple messages if you keep clicking "Add repeat date" at the bottom of the text.

These scheduled text messages will be sent to the patient at 9am of the selected days.

If you would like to cancel a questionnaire which is scheduled to be sent to the patient, you can do this after it's sent by using the steps in this article, or in the SMS box as shown here πŸ‘‡

animation of how to cancel scheduled messages for the future

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to chat with us using the green message bubble in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. πŸ‘‰

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