This article talks about a feature of our Accurx Desktop toolbar for EMIS/S1 GP practices.

In Accurx Desktop, you can attach documents to SMS messages. We know that a big use case for this is signed Med3 sick notes!

Accurx is not an expert on digital signatures, but we have seen conversations about this from clinical colleagues in both the Accurx Facebook community and EMIS Facebook group.

Top suggestions:

  1. Here you can read one user's suggestion for EMIS and SystmOne

  2. Whilst this isn't formal advice, some practices have advised us that duplicate fit notes don't require a signature, so they are sending the duplicate. One of our users has filmed a video of how to do this here.

  3. An alternative could be to print, sign, and scan.

If your practice comes up with a different way to manage digital signature, we'd be keen to know so that we can share it with other users!

Given the current circumstances, there may be some extraordinary exceptions put in place by NHSx regarding different digital solutions.

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