Video: Which browsers are supported?

Which devices you can use for the video consultation feature

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Safari is the only browser supported on iPhone devices.

If your iPhone is running an older iOS version (<13), you'll be be prompted to download the Whereby app, as older Safari versions aren't supported.


Chrome is supported on Android.

Chrome is installed by default on most Android devices, so we recommend setting it at as your default browser by following these instructions.

Desktop computer

Full browser support

The following browsers deliver the best video consultation experience:

We recommend setting one of these as your default browser, if possible.

We support the two latest versions of all of these browsers, so if you're experiencing problems, try updating your browser (typically you can update your browser under Settings>About).

Unsupported browsers

  • Internet Explorer

  • Legacy/EdgeHTML based versions of Microsoft Edge (version 44 or previous)

Other browsers not listed in this article are also likely to be unsupported, but IE is explicitly unsupported.

Partial Browser Support

  • Safari with version 13+ are supported

Safari only recently started to support WebRTC, which powers Accurx Video Calling, and so you might find the video and audio quality is better in a browser with full support.

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