You can use your existing Accurx log in details

Just log in as usual to the toolbar using your existing Accurx account details (your nhs email address and password you used at the previous organisation), and remember you can always use the Forgot Password function if you need it.

Not installed at your new organisation? You can go to our website and click "Get started".

If the other organisation/practice/site uses EMIS, see option A below for next steps...
If the other organisation/practice/site uses SystmOne, see option B below for next steps...

A) I'm using Accurx Desktop with a new organisation or practice that uses EMIS

1) If your new organisation uses EMIS, check if you have access to EMAS manager

In EMIS, open ‘System Tools’ where you should have EMAS Manager as an option:

If you don’t have the EMAS manager option, please ask your practice manager to enable you by following these instructions. You will only need to do this once. Once you have been enabled in EMAS manager, move to step 3 below.

2) If you do have access to EMAS manager, follow these steps:

a) Go to 'Partner API' and select 'Accurx Chain' in the list above (it should be ticked green, if not click 'Activate Application' on the ribbon above)

b) Open ‘Login Access

c) Click 'User' to order the list and then tick the two boxes 'Auto Login' and 'Allow Login' next to your name

If you see your name appear twice in this list, we recommend ticking the boxes for both accounts

d) Open ‘Edit Users

e) Click 'User' to order the list of names and tick the box next to your name

If you see your name appear twice in this list, we recommend ticking the boxes for both accounts

f) If asked for a password, create one - you won't need it again. You will need to meet EMAS Manager's password requirements to be able to click on the 'OK' button.

3) Check the Organisation ID in your toolbar matches the EMIS code of your new practice

To check this you can go to the initials icon in the toolbar, then Settings, and you should check that the Organisation ID matches your EMIS CBD. You can change that to the correct one if it's not right. Then click "refresh from server".

B) I'm using Accurx Desktop with a new practice that uses SystmOne

i) Log into the Accurx Desktop toolbar with existing accurx account details
ii) Log into SystmOne at the new practice/site/organisation
iii) Approve Accurx in the pop-up that appears in SystmOne (this article shows how)

Note: it is important that you are only running one practice/site in SystmOne at a time to allow Accurx Desktop to recognise any other SystmOne practice/site.

Once your toolbar has successfully connected to EMIS/S1 at your new organisation/practice, your toolbar should look like this:

If your toolbar looks like the one above, you are ready to go 😁. You can now send texts and start using the video consultation feature right away! (The Accurx admin for your practice should also get a notification to approve you.)

What should I do if my toolbar doesn't look like that? - try these steps for EMIS and these steps for SystmOne

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